In the middle of February we opened Halna Duna Kft.’s Székesfehérvár machine shop during a ceremonial opening day. At the opening, we introduced the new machines installed, Mazak machines, an Integrex i-630V and an Integrex i-200ST shaping center. By opening the new site, Halna-Duna primarily wants to ensure a production capacity for its own research. In 2013, Halna Duna Ltd. won a tender to develop a magnetic motor, operating on the constant force created by permanent magnets, and to manufacture the prototype for the motor.

The goals for the newly developed device will be to open new pipelines in the area of renewable energy and, at the same time, represent a new alternative in the area of energy production efficiency increases. We opened the site in the city of Székesfehérvár in the interest of meeting these goals, which we equipped with an indispensable modern shaping center machine and IT system.

During the open day, István Kozma, a Hungarian sales colleague for Yamazaki Mazak, spoke of the importance of the investment and development, as well as expressing his pleasure that Halna-Duna Ltd., as a part of realizing their development, had decided to invest in the extremely precise and reliable Mazak machines.

After the open day, the invited guests were shown an example of cutting and shaping with the two machines, and were also informed about the present results of Halna-Duna’s magnetic motor development.


Mazak Integrex i-630 V technikai adatok:

Max. munkadarab méret ∅1050 x 1000 mm
Mozgástartomány (X/Y/Z) 1525/1060/1345 mm
Mozgástartomány (B/C) 150°/360°
Gyorsmeneti sebesség (X/Y/Z) 52000 mm/perc
Eszterga orsó 550 ford/perc, 37 kW
Maró orsó 10000 ford/perc, 37/30 kW
Szerszámtár kapacitás 43, 80*,120*,160*,240*,348*

* – opcionális

Mazak Integrex i-200 ST technikai adatok:

Max. munkadarab méret ∅658 x 1519 mm
Mozgástartomány (X/X2/Y/Z/Z2/W) 615/230/250/1585/1388/1066 mm
Mozgástartomány (B/C) 240°/360°
Maróorsó 12000 mm/perc, 22 kW
Főorsó 5000 ford/perc, 22 kW
Ellenorsó 5000 ford/perc, 19 kW
Szerszámtár kapacitás 36