Company Introduction

Halna-Duna Ltd.

Company Introduction:

Since its formation in 2007, our company’s main activity has been to carry out works with our machines on the site of the ISD Dunaferr Danube Steel Works Company in the city of Dunaújváros, within the framework of the contracts signed with the steel works.

Since 2007, our company has been contracted with ISD Dunaferr Danube Steel Works Company for our machines to carry out loading, transportation, depository work and ground works at the formed depositories, within the property of the Steel Works, for the slag (bark slag, furnace stone, foamed slag, granulated slag) that is a waste product from the steel work’s furnaces, as well as the separation of the steel waste found in the slag.

In 2008, Halna-Duna expanded its cooperation with ISD Dunaferr Danube Steel Works Company. In the framework of the new contract, our company agreed to process the 1.5 – million tons of “aged slag” (furnace stone) that has been deposited on the slag heap. The processed aged slag at the end of 2009 was over 1.5 million tons, the greatest part of which was used in the construction of the M6 highway.

This contract was extended in 2010, under the framework of which we process the slag constantly occurring as a part of the Steel Works present production.

In 2008 our company signed with ISD Dunaferr Danube Steel Works Company for the supply of steel scraps. This activity was suspended in 2010, and in May of 2011, our company received the necessary permits for carrying out commercial trading of steel scraps. This activity is currently in suspension.

Our company also deals with the sale of granulated furnace stone, which is produced as a by-product of iron and steel manufacturing. The granulated furnace stone is primarily purchased by cement factories for the production of special cement. In 2009, we sold 80,000 tons of this product to our foreign and domestic partners. In 2010, this activity was suspended, and in 2011 the company sold its entire stored stock of 38,700 tons granulated furnace stone.

In 2013, our company won a tender, in the framework of which in 2014 we purchased a Mazak Integrex i-630V machine and a Mazak Integrex i-200ST type , CNC shaping machine. The Integrex machines allow for the shaping of a wide-range, and many types, of parts. These machines especially mean a fast and precise solution for the shaping of parts requiring special shaping of high precision. We opened our machines shop in the city of Székesfehérvár in the Alba Industrial Zone. Our goal is to serve every arriving request with great flexibility, and to continuously ensure the highest possible level of work quality.