in the city of Dunaújváros

Halna-Duna Ltd. carries out this activity as a subcontractor, with our machines, on the site of the ISD Dunaferr Danube Steel Works Company in the city of Dunaújváros.

Since 2007, our company has been contracted with ISD Dunaferr Danube Steel Works Company for our machines to carry out packing, transportation, depository work and ground works at the formed depositories for the slag (bark slag, furnace stone, foamed slag, granulated slag) that is a waste product from the steel work’s furnaces. The amount of materials moved through this activity reaches 150,000 tons/month.

In 2008, Halna-Duna expanded its cooperation with ISD Dunaferr Danube Steel Works Company, in which our company produced and processed the slag material which is in the ownership of the ISD Dunaferr Danube Steel Works Company. In the framework of the new, long-term contract, our company agreed to process the 1.5 – million tons of “aged slag” (furnace stone) that has been deposited on the slag heap for decades. Our company’s technical personnel, during the processing of the aged slag on the slag heap, separated it into slag and slag with iron content, in the interest of processing slag iron. Within the framework of the same contract, Halna-Duna Ltd. , with our mobile crushing and sorter machines, we completed the crushing of the aged slag, and its sorting into different fractions, in the end we also deposited it and loaded during delivery. Production, beginning in the first month at 30,000 tons, reached an amount of 110,000 tons/month. The processed aged slag at the end of 2009 was over 1.5 million tons.

In 2008 our company signed with ISD Dunaferr Danube Steel Works Company for the supply of 36,000 tons/month of steel scraps. In the contract signed in 2009, we increased this amount to 45,000 tons/month.

Halna-Duna Ltd. also deals with the sale of granulated furnace stone, which is produced as a by-product of iron and steel manufacturing. In 2009, we sold 80,000 tons of this product to our foreign and domestic partners; in 2010 we contracted with ISD Dunaferr Danube Steel Works for the sale of 120,000 tons of the product.

Our company has a wide range of machinery available. Among others we have:

  • Terex and Belaz mining dump trucks

  • Extec and New Holland front loaders, with deep diggers, rotating end shovel loaders and bulldozers, as well as Extec mobile crushing and sorting machines.

This machinery base makes it possible for us to carry out all the functions necessary for a complete subcontracting cycle, that is to say loading, transportation, earth works at the final place of deposit and the depositing itself.